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Corporate Social Responsibility

Del Oro's Corporate Social Responsibility program signifies a dedication to the social and economic advancement of employees, the community, and the environment, achieved through the principles of responsible and equitable business practices. This approach embodies our work philosophy, considering the significance of each project we embark on with the support of our collaborators and the community.

This approach embodies our work philosophy, considering the significance of each project we embark on with the support of our collaborators and the community.


In Del Oro we believe that investing in education is the best way to ensure social stability and business competitiveness. In recent years we have solidified a school scholarship program, benefiting the children of our employees. They receive a monthly scholarship that significantly helps cover the costs of their education.

Additionally, we offer a career development initiative that allows our employees to improve their technical and professional skills through specialized studies, with scholarships available to participating workers.

Academic industry visits

Every year, Del Oro hosts an average of 350 students from universities, technical colleges, and schools as part of the academic visit program. The primary goal of this program is to provide an accurate vision of how the citrus industry operates. It covers the current quality standards demanded by international markets, technological advancements, and the latest agricultural research conducted by the company to ensure the production of higher-quality products.


Del Oro boasts an internal benefits program, highlighting

  • Meal subsidy
  • Subsidy for transportation services
  • Company doctor
  • Dental services
  • Uniform subsidy
  • First aid kits
  • Flexible schedules
  • Training opportunities
Commitment to Social Development

In Del Oro we consider that social development is a shared responsibility that involves various stakeholders such as state institutions, development associations, school boards, local government, private enterprises, and, above all, our community. We promote the integration of all stakeholders and seek commitment to its own development through the implementation of specific projects with a high level of impact. We have supported initiatives to improve school and medical infrastructures, communal services, and more. For instance, numerous bus stops, requested by various communities in La Cruz, have been constructed and receive regular maintenance.

We also actively participate in projects aimed at the development and improvement of the quality of life for the residents of the area.
These include:

  • Donating juice for school cafeterias.
  • Support for community development projects.
  • Volunteer work.

The design and implementation of internal policies aimed at strengthening our work philosophy include:

  • 1. Adherence to the Code of Ethics.
  • 2. Quality and environmental certifications.
  • 3. Clear policies against the hiring of minors, discrimination based on gender, race, color, or political affiliation.
  • 4. Job creation and priority hiring for the local population.
  • 5. Purchasing policy prioritizing relationships with local businesses.
  • 6. Strict compliance with current tax laws and regulations.
  • 7. Compliance with Social Security laws.
  • 8. Strict compliance with the Labor Code and minimum wage legislation.
  • 9. Adherence to procedures ensuring environmental monitoring and project impact assessment.