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About Company

Since 1995, Del Oro has been committed to the production of juices and concentrates made from tropical fruits.

We have established expansive grove operations in the border zone between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, with the totality of our plantations located on the Costa Rican side. As a company we contribute to the growth and economic development of this region.

Our orange plantations and industrial facility are situated north of the central mountain range of Costa Rica, on the slopes of the Orosí volcano. Del Oro has a workforce of 240 permanent employees, expanding to over a thousand during the citrus harvest season. The company serves as one of the primary sources of employment in the area, which is categorized as having a lower relative development index by the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy of the Costa Rican government.

Additionally, the Del Oro processing plant manufactures pineapple juices and purees sourced from the best Costa Rican pineapple farms.


Del ORO's mission is to produce and market agro-industrial products in the most demanding markets, using the best available technology and a dedicated team, to generate the highest profitability for our shareholders, well-being for our employees, and benefit for the community.

Vision Statement

To make DEL ORO a leading company in the agro-industrial sector of Central America and the Caribbean through the production and marketing of juices and derivatives from tropical fruits.

Integrated Management System Policy

In Del Oro, we are committed to producing safe products that fully satisfy our customers. To achieve this, we develop our processes, operate in an environmentally responsible manner, and maintain high energy performance. As a competent team, our commitment includes compliance with applicable regulations and effective communication with all stakeholders.

Our Values:
  • Teamwork: Collaboration is integral to our identity at Del Oro. We actively support and work together to attain our shared objectives.
  • Respect: We treat others with the best manners, as we would like to be treated.
  • Innovation: Innovation is ingrained in our approach—we consistently reimagine our processes, seizing each instance as a chance to enhance our current practices.
  • Commitment: We demand and dedicate our best effort to ensure success in everything we set out to do.
  • Integrity: Our commitment is to conduct all activities responsibly and ethically.
  • Loyalty: We maintain loyalty to both ourselves and others, upholding the commitments made to the organization.
  • Excellence: Our standard is to consistently perform all tasks in an exceptional manner.
  • Discipline: We foster a commitment to honoring our obligations and seeing through every task to completion in all our endeavors.